Attention LEED APs and Green Associates: Are You Completing Your LEED Continuing Education Credits

Congratulations! You’re now a LEED AP or LEED Blooming Associate (GA). Casual the LEED assay is the aboriginal footfall in your blooming architecture profession. Throughout your career, it’s acute for you to abide accepted on the latest blooming architecture practices; LEED changes and updates; local, accompaniment and civic green-related codes and laws; blooming architecture strategies and techniques; blooming products, etc.

If you wish to accomplish at LEED, acquirements acquire to be a allotment of your blooming architecture able career. LEED apprenticeship is acutely important to the USGBC and GBCI, too. Therefore, to advance your LEED AP or Blooming Associate (GA) credentials, you charge to abide your LEED apprenticeship even afterwards you’ve anesthetized the exams. (After all, audience wish to apperceive that the LEED professionals they appoint are accepted on the latest blooming architecture and LEED information.)

To advance your LEED credentials, LEED Blooming Associates (GAs) are appropriate to acquire 15 CE hours biennially (3 hours acquire to be LEED specific). LEED APs are appropriate to acquire 30 CE hours biennially (6 hours acquire to be LEED specific.) So how do you get your CE credits/hours? There are eight means to acquire LEED GBCI CE hours:

  • Education Review Body-Approved Activities
  • College and University Courses
  • Live Presentations
  • Self-Study
  • Authorship
  • Certificates, Able Licenses and Added Credentials
  • Committee and Volunteer Work
  • LEED Project Participation

Here are some abundant means for you to acquire your LEED CE hours:

Green Architecture Apprenticeship Services has created some amazing LEED GBCI CE online courses. The U.S. Blooming Architecture Council (USGBC) has accustomed the abstruse and advisory superior of these courses for 20 GBCI CE hours appear the LEED Credential Aliment Program. For alone $99 the GBCI CE 20-Hour Package gives you the online LEED continuing apprenticeship courses you charge to get all (or the majority of) your LEED credential aliment affairs CEs. All of these CE hours calculation as ‘Education Reviewing Body-Approved Activities’ (Activity Type 1 in the CMP guide).*

Self-Study is a abundant befalling if you’re abbreviate on time — or money. To acquire CE hours, self-study acquire to be at atomic one hour in breadth and affect to a CE class that is accordant to your specialty. You can acquire 1 CE hour for the aboriginal action hour and 0.5 CE hour per added bisected of an action hour. Self-Study LEED CE hours cannot beat 5 hours. Any abstraction (research, reading, etc.) that pertains to a accordant CE class will authorize for CE hours. You will charge to accommodate a almanac of the periodical, allegorical the pages you apprehend and the topic(s) it addresses. Here are some actual advisory and easy-to-read books that you can apprehend and calculation appear your LEED self-study CE hours:

  • Green Architecture Fundamentals 2ndEdition by Michael Monoya
  • LEED-New Construction Project Management by Vijaya Yellamraju
  • Green Construction Project Management and Cost Oversight by Sam Kubba
  • Guidebook to the LEED Certification Process by Michelle Cottrell

You can acquisition these and added abundant LEED-related assets at

(Just a affable agenda about affairs books. I acquire added than 15+ years’ acquaintance in the publishing industry. Self-publishing is absolutely simple these days, so you’ll acquisition a lot of poor superior LEED books on I acclaim that if you’re searching for a book to read, aboriginal yield a attending at the publication/copyright year. Alone acquirement books that were accounting in 2010 or after (unless the affair is one that doesn’t change rapidly). The added affair to pay abutting absorption to is the publisher. Alone acquirement books from acclaimed publishers like Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Wiley or added nationally accepted publishing companies. These are books that you apperceive contains advice that has been cross-checked for accuracy.)

Write, Write, Address A abundant way to body your LEED able acceptability AND acquire LEED GBCI CE credits, is to address an commodity or book. To acquire CE hours, appear online autograph and books acquire to affect to a CE class that is accordant to your specialty. You can get LEED-specific acclaim as continued as the commodity or book focuses heavily on LEED. The alone bolt is that the commodity acquire to be appear during your advertisement period. Some abundant means to get your online autograph appear is to become an columnist on or added commodity websites or to analysis with industry magazines to see if they acquire LEED commodity submissions. For autograph about LEED, you can acquire 3CE hours per appear commodity and ten CE hours per appear book.

These are just some of the abounding means to get your LEED CEs. With a little creativity, you may even acquisition that commutual your CEs is almost as advantageous as casual your LEED exam. All the best!!